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Narrow arch smile fixed

This patient had a narrow arch when he smiled and said that in photos he noticed that it looked like he had no teeth in the back because there was a dark space.

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Correct the angulation

The front teeth were also at an angle. By using EMAX veneers, we were able to make the canines look like lateral incisors, improve the location of the mid-line and correct the angulation of the two front teeth.

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Fractured Tooth

This patient had a fractured tooth due to an accident on her bicycle. One of the most challenging things to perform in cosmetic dentistry is to match a single porcelain restoration to an adjacent natural tooth.

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Natural Smile

This young lady was very unhappy with her smile due to the old discolored restorations, and showing too much gum tissue. She also disliked the non-uniform color and she didn’t..

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Discolored Teeth

This patient was very unhappy with her smile due to the discoloring and dark bands. This was caused by a condition called Tetracycline Staining. This discoloration was masked by using..

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