Swollen Gum Tissues

This patient was very unhappy with her smile and the health of her swollen gum tissues. She presented with swollen gums and a single crown on her front tooth that did not match her other teeth in color, shape or size. In addition, her gum levels were uneven causing the teeth to appear to have different lengths. Her other teeth were healthy.

The treatment plan included treatingĀ  the gum tissue with a deep cleaning and proper home care instructions. After this, we only worked on the four front teeth, to include changing the old crown and three porcelain veneers usingĀ  Emax porcelain. We also used a Diode laser to perform a gum lift where necessary to even up the gum levels. The lower teeth and her other upper teeth were whitened only.

This conservative treatment involving only four teeth produced a dramatic result and the patient was ecstatic. It is important to remember that we can achieve great results without involving too many teeth as seen here.

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