Dark lines above porcelain crowns

Often we see people with dark lines above their porcelain crowns. These are unsightly and can adversely affect an otherwise beautiful smile. The reason for this dark area is usually the crown material having metal and layered with porcelain. If the gums recede a little bit then you are left with a dark margin. Another reason can be decay at the top of the tooth at the crown margin. In this case it was both a dark root from a previously root canal treated tooth as well as an older style crown with metal covered by porcelain.

This case was treated by replacing the crown with an all ceramic crown called EMAX. It is both a beautiful and strong material. In the hands of a talented ceramist, as well as proper communication between the dentist and the ceramist, we were able to restore her beautiful smile. This type of treatment is always a team effort, involving communication with the lab by using proper intra oral photography, which helps the lab visualize what is required in order to achieve the best result. which will mimics the adjacent natural teeth. In cosmetic dentistry, matching a single porcelain crown to natural teeth is one of the greatest challenges and you can see form the final result that a smile can be enhanced and restored by improving just one tooth.

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