Month: February 2020

Fix Square teeth

This patient had the appearance of very large front teeth that are too square. We try and use the golden proportion in smile designs, to give a more natural and pleasing appearance.

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Mismatched teeth

This patient had dark, short, rotated and mismatched teeth with spacing. Eight porcelain veneers were placed to improve the smile by taking into consideration size proportion of the teeth, color and a smile design that matched the patient’s face. 

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Fixing Gummy Smile

Treatment consisted of a gum lift using a laser, followed by five porcelain veneers and replacing the old, discolored crown with a more natural Emax ceramic crown. The result shows a more pleasing and bright smile.

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Narrow arch smile fixed

This patient had a narrow arch when he smiled and said that in photos he noticed that it looked like he had no teeth in the back because there was a dark space.

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